Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Peter Quill Chris Pratt Leather Trench Coat

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This coat is made from Grade A faux leather inspired by Chris Pratt who surprised everyone with his character his acting and the action he played as Peter Quill in the movie who also called himself as Star Lord Guardian of the Galaxy. Peter Quill played a unique role in the movie wearing different styles of Coats and jackets and looked really cool and by far this coat he wears in the movie took the whole world in the sea of fantasy and everyone wanted this coat. The coat he wore in the movie is also known as the guardians of the galaxy coat, some people named it Star lord coat and some simply called it an iconic Peter quill coat.

  • Faux Leather
  • Inner lining; viscose
  • Button Closure
  • Maroon Color

NOTE: Please choose your size carefully from our size chart before ordering your 'American Bomber Leather Jacket' by ensuring you measure your chest size correctly. The measurement in our size chart is actual body size and NOT the jacket size. This will save you and Feather Skin the time and hassle if you receive the wrong size jacket.


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