Men's Aviator Leather Jackets

Although an aviator jacket was made for pilots and flyers especially, you do not need an Aeroplane just to own this magnificent type of leather jacket. Its classic style is more than enough to rock around on the streets and impress the on-lookers passing by. The fur stitched inside will keep you warm enough as it does on the high above temperature when flying a jet up upon the sky.

Black or brown are the colours to choose these jackets from. However, a black leather aviator jacket will provide an edgy feel to the outfit you pair the jacket with. What to wear with it? Choose a basic white t-shirt along with a pair of basic jeans. The jacket itself is too much of everything and more, so we recommend choosing the styles with it, that would be as basic as possible. Give a military theme to your style and pair it up with suede boots.

The leather used on our aviator jackets would feel like a second skin. Choose the one, with the features that would define you the most….