Cheap Vs. High-Quality Leather Jackets

Posted by Syed Ali on 8th Jun 2021

Cheap Vs. High-Quality Leather Jackets

Time sure does fly. Soon it will be winter, the season of leather jackets! For stylish men like you (I know because you're reading this blog), leather jackets are that indispensable add-on that brings out the hotness in you, making you ooze confidence.

Without a doubt, leather jackets are the classiest clothing piece in your wardrobe. While protecting you from harsh weather conditions, they give you that dashing manliness that makes the women uneasy.

But in the midst of it all, there's a nagging feeling at the back of your mind, "how am I sure that what I'm wearing isn't a low-quality leather jacket? How can I tell the differences between cheap and expensive leather jackets?"

You surely don't want to feel embarrassed when someone draws you out for wearing cheap clothing, and I wouldn't want that too. So in this blog, you will learn how to discern cheap leather jackets from quality ones.

How to Identify a High-Quality Leather Jacket?

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To know if a leather jacket is of high quality, you need to look at its overall feel and appearance.

Firstly, how does it feel on your fingers? Notably, the texture and grains of a genuine leather jacket should feel slightly smooth but distressed and grainy (because it is made of natural products). You could also see how irregular the grain patterns are if you look closely.

Next, how does it feel when you wear it?

A good-quality leather jacket should fit flawlessly. If it's your size, then the shoulders should sit where they're supposed to, without constricting your arm movement.

The sleeves should be nice and snug, and the chest should hold you well. The whole piece should make you feel entirely comfy in it. A leather jacket with a 100% lining would be even better as it's more useful in the fall and coldest winter.

You should also check the lining on the inside. A quality leather jacket would be good in and out. It should not only feel great outside but inside as well, the part which will always be in contact with your skin. Typically, a good lining would be made of natural fibers like silk or cotton or artificial fibers like cellulose. It should be breathable because if not, your ventilation and comfort will be compromised.

How to Identify a Cheap Leather Jacket?

Just the same way you identify a quality leather jacket, carry out the same inspection here. How does the material feel in your hand? If it feels too smooth, then it most likely isn't genuine leather.

Moving forward, notice how the shoulder and sleeves fit. Observe the chest area and how the overall jacket feels on your body. Cheap leather jackets will most often not give you a feeling of overall comfort and ease, and you can almost immediately detect that something just isn't right.

Another quality check is the stitching and outer lining. If the lining feels overly smooth and awkward with threads coming off, it's most definitely a cheap leather jacket.

In summary, if the overall jacket doesn't feel very great on your body, then it most likely isn't a quality leather jacket.

Why You Should Go for Quality Leather Jackets Instead of Cheap Ones Despite the Cost?

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You see, the texture and grains of a top-quality leather jacket would be so flawless that you'll have people joyously running their hands over, especially the ladies. It would feel absolutely great to your touch and body that you just want to wear it all the time. It doesn't matter if you have a house full of clothes. A great leather jacket becomes your favorite wear because it makes you feel great!

On the other hand, you may come across a leather jacket at a store. With no price tag or label, the jacket is just "as is." But it looks really beautiful and well designed. You get immediately attracted to it, and when you ask about the price, it automatically feels like Christmas! You'd be getting such a lovely jacket at such an "alarmingly" low price.

You would be in a hurry to take such a jacket home to wear and show your friends. But the first time you wear it becomes your last. That's either because it fits entirely wrong, makes you feel uncomfortable, or something comes off when you wash. The way the color peels away will get you infuriated, and the whole garment would become like the one you bought about five years ago. You wouldn't ever want to wear such a jacket out in the open.

And at the end of the day, you realized it worths even less than it costs, despite how minimal the price was.

But take a higher quality leather jacket with virtually the same design, but of a different, better material. This piece may cost three times the price of the cheap leather jacket, but the fitting when you put it on is on point. You can wear such a leather jacket every day for years, and the color and texture would remain the same. Maybe a few years from now, you would appreciate how much you've enjoyed your money's worth.

A Cheap Leather Jacket Costs More in the Long Run

Let's look at it from this angle. Suppose you spent $200 on a cheap jacket, and you succeeded in wearing it only twice before it loses its color after washing. You end up dumping it because it would make you feel embarrassed in public rather than confident.

For your love of leather jackets, you went ahead to purchase another similar one at the same price. This also lasts for the same duration. In essence, you're spending $100 for each wear. If you continue in this manner, you would have to spend $1,000 to wear a fresh-looking jacket 10 times.

On the other hand, you could spend $600 on an "expensive" leather jacket. By the time you've worn this jacket up to 10 times without any signs of fading, you realize you have saved $400!

So, which is the more expensive jacket? Your answer is as good as mine.

Bonus Tip

You may be awed by the design of some leather jackets. The appearance and esthetics are just so on point and exotic that you quickly bring out your credit card even when the cost is over £200. But never be fooled by mere appearance. Aesthetics doesn't define quality.

Always check how it feels on your fingers and how it fits your body to avoid spending your hard-earned money on a piece you'll end up wearing only once.

Where Can I Shop High-Quality Leather Jackets?

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