Genuine Leather vs Synthetic Leather

21st Dec 2018

Genuine Leather vs Synthetic Leather


Although the aesthetic beauty of a leather jacket is revealed the same, whether it is real or fake leather, are the details that make the difference such as: quality, mechanical resistance, durability and resistance over time, perspiration and value of the materials.

The synthetic leather should not be confused with the eco leather, which is genuine leather of animal origin that has undergone a tanning process in respect of the environment and therefore with a low environmental impact.

The leather jacket is a piece of clothing that guarantees a special charm, a style that transcends every fashion and trend. Think of the rebel glamour of bikers and the promise of an immortal style that is that of rockers, or gods beautiful and damned of cinema.

How to distinguish a garment in genuine leather:

Genuine leather is first and foremost the smell, the real skin, even after many years, maintains an unmistakable scent;

In homogeneity of color, true skin will never have a homogeneous color;

The difference between a genuine leather jacket and a synthetic leather jacket is clear to the touch, especially over time. the wear and tear of time is the litmus test that tests the resistance of the object, because while the real leather becomes softer and wears slowly making the fabric substrate come out, the fake leather deteriorates, opens and splits;

The price: Real leather has a much higher cost than fake leather because it has a very long work behind it before it becomes a finished product. Due to the quality of the materials used, the long work of tanning leather, the manpower and attention to every detail that will make the product perfect, and therefore the need for skilled workers, the real leather takes on an important value and consequently a higher cost.

A genuine leather jacket getting older improves, does not follow fashions or trends, it is indissoluble and timeless.