Leather Needs Care

12th Dec 2018

Leather Needs Care

When you buy a leather jacket, it is an investment. You will definitely keep it all your life provided you take care of it. So we would like to share some tips for maintaining your leather jacket.

The perfect leather does not exist. Wrinkles, stretch marks or color variations only highlight the unique look of your leather. Do not think too much about all these small imperfections since they make your leather jacket authentic and a unique piece. To maintain its appearance and flexibility for a long time, it needs regular care and attention. If some points are kept in mind, leather jacket will remain as new for ever.

Hang your leather on a hanger when you are not wearing it regularly, so that it keeps its shape. Do not lend it to anyone, because everyone has a different body and leather jacket might change its shape.

Avoid the prolonged exposure of your jacket to direct sunlight (on the back of a car for example). Excess heat makes the leather softer and could alter its color permanently, it can also dry up the natural leather oil the jacket has, which prevents it from cracking.

Try not covering your leather jacket with a polythene cover that will prevent it from breathing. Prefer a cloth or cotton cover to store it in your wardrobe.

If the leather is wet, let it dry on a hanger at room temperature.

Well waterproof your leather when you buy your jacket, that won’t cost you much, one spray bottle can be used a couple of times.

How to clean your leather jackets

You must be thinking, how you can wash leather? This is indeed the most difficult part and we will always advise you to present your jacket to a leather specialist, but there are a few things you can do at home as well.

  • Never scratch the surface of the leather with an abrasive object (sponge, nail ...), it would scratch it. Use a fiber cloth
  • Never iron your leather garment.
  • Never wash it with water, either by hand or washing machine!
  • To clean small stains, use a slightly damp cloth, simply!
  • If you use a cleaning product because this is not enough, always try to test it first on an invisible part!