Popular Colours and Styles of Men’s Leather Jackets

5th Dec 2021

Popular Colours and Styles of Men’s Leather Jackets

Stuglling to choose the right colour and style of your next leather jacket? Let us help you with that.

In this article we are going to talk about how the leather jacket should fit what are the popular colours you should go for and the styles that never go out of fashion. We all know that when comes to men’s fashion, there is nothing more iconic, and cooler, than a classy leather jacket. Not only have they been in style forever, if you pick the right quality, it will last you forever. The more you wear it the more you break it in, it kind of moulds to your skin, and every scratch and scuff becomes a part of the jackets look. But the question is, how do you make sure you're wearing the jacket just right?

Just like any piece of clothing, it starts with the fit. It must fit correctly. But of course, not only are we going to talk about how the jacket should fit we will also explore what colours to look for, what style might work, and the details to get to make sure you have that perfect leather jacket for you. We will discuss a step-by-step process to make sure you pick the perfect leather jacket with the perfect fit that will last you for years and years to come. So, without further ado let's talk about how that leather jacket should fit you.

How to make sure the leather jacket is a perfect fit?

Zip it up!

When buying that leather jacket make sure you zip it all the way up for the perfect fit. It should fit very snugly, like a second skin. You might want to try sizing down from what you think your normal size would be.


On top of that the waist should fall right at your natural waist. Any lower than that, it's going to make you look short.

Sleeve Length

Make sure the sleeves fall exactly at your wrists. Anything longer than that the jacket will swallow you up.

Next, what colour to go for?

Now that we know how that leather jacket should fit let's talk a little bit of the details on choosing the right jacket. Start with black, the most versatile and most classic. Second choice, or first choice for some of us, go with brown. Very easy, very versatile to pair with different earth tone colours, such as your greys, browns, greens, and other neutrals.

Evergreen leather Jacket Styles

Now that we talked about the colours of leather jackets let's talk about the style of leather jackets you must choose from.


First up is the one synonymous with leather jackets, yes, the Perfecto style, remember Marlon Brando's choice? The one with the diagonal zipper and the classic motorcycle look. Buy this one, hands down, you got a classic.

Café Racer Leather Jackets

The second leather jacket I suggest you give a look the classic Cafe Racer jacket. This one is very minimal, very versatile, very stylish. Has a zip front zipper and traditionally a band collar. So, if you want a versatile minimalist leather jacket grab you a racer style.

A-2 Flight Jackets

Next up let's talk about the A-2 or the flight style leather jacket. This jacket usually has signature details of the ribbed cuffs and hem, it has the two large flat pockets on the front, and it's traditionally worn by pilots. So, if you have unrealized pilot dreams grab yourself an A-2, a flight leather jacket.

Bomber Leather Jackets

Last but not least let's talk about the most popular style leather jacket, the good old bomber jacket. This jacket differs from the flight jacket in that it doesn't have those two big flat pockets on the front. It usually just has the ribbed collar and the zip on the side. So, if you want the most popular versatile leather jacket grab that bomber jacket.

 This is our guide on how that leather jacket should fit. We hope you know have a good idea what is your favourite type of leather jacket is to rock.