Vintage Always Wins

Posted by Noor on 22nd Dec 2018

Vintage Always Wins

Vintage always wins

The vintage style leather jackets are really fashionable in recent times, they have a certain notion of life that recalls the past, a special charm that the classic fabrics cannot reproduce.

The leather jacket in vintage style has a strong influence on fashion followers, who go crazy for everything that distinguishes them from the crowd and is inimitable, to always, be at the top.

Certainly it is necessary to distinguish between the really vintage leather jackets, which are vintage and those that are inspired by the vintage style; the first are small pieces of history, have gone through decades and have a lived and priceless look, while the latter have the particular "historical" aspect because the leather has been colored in barrels with aniline, later completed thanks to waxes particularly opaque to achieve a natural aged effect. The leather jacket aged over time is very special and preserves its history, while the jacket in vintage style has on its side the fact of being made with new leather, certainly still treated, but much more resistant to time and free from imperfections.

Without a doubt the leather jackets have become more resistant over time and those in vintage style are much richer in details than those of the era. The innovations have led to the inclusion in the microfibre garments, which makes the fit better, have been created small ventilation openings to breathe the skin, while the seams on the shoulders and elbows have been reinforced and there is even the possibility of being able to remove the internal padding.

The most used colors for leather jackets in vintage style are the classic black and brown, adorned with coats of arms that reproduce the vintage ones or from horizontal or vertical bands, wearable by anyone, for the convenience and elegance of the past. Over time they have become the true emblem of casual style and without commitment; this is primarily due to the very high quality of the leather, which due to its versatility is becoming more and more similar to fabrics, but in a higher sense, because it is waterproof and allows high breathability.