5th Nov 2018

Your Leather Jacket Style Guide

Leather jackets are for everyone!Your leather jacket style guide

We often see that people really love to wear leather jackets, but the questions are; what to wear? When to wear? How to wear? And today we are going to discuss some important things to keep in mind while wearing a leather jacket.

The first thing you should keep in mind while buying a leather jacket is one’s physique. You should be well aware of what kind of clothes suits your body type. Instead of following the trends which don’t suit your body type, you should wear what looks better. There are a few leather jacket styles which never go out of fashion, and you can choose the one which suits our body type.

The Double rider jacket has a fitted style with a side zip. As the name suggest, the Double-rider jacket is usually worn by motorcyclists, but since it looks very dapper, people wear it for fashion too. This style is highly recommended to the lean people, as the jacket is slim fit. The jacket can be worn over a t-shirt and ripped or slim-fit jeans. White sneakers or military boots look the best with it. The double-rider jacket is a perfect street style outfit.

Many people think that a leather jacket is restricted to the casual clothing, but there are styles which compliment your formal dressing as well. And for this purpose we recommend a Flight jacket , it has a collar and a straight zip with a contemporary fit, there are no fancy zips all over and can be worn over your normal office clothes and slim fit formal pants . The ribbed waistband and ribbed cuffs increase the level of comfort as well.

The flight jackets and the Bombers are kind of same but the Bombers usually don’t have collars like Flight jacket. The origin of both jackets is same but now they are known as two different styles because of the collar styles.

Since the leather jackets are for everyone, the chubby people can wear them with ease too, and for this we put the spotlight on Cafe Racers. This is a jacket any person can wear with any kind of clothes. It’s a straight fit, waist heighted jacket with a snap-tab collar. Racers have two straight zip hidden pockets on the front and are the most decent looking, to add a bit of more style and warmth you can take a scarf with it as well. If you want one jacket to serve all the purposes, the Racer is a perfect option no matter what is your body type.

Leather jacket is a long term investment, once you buy one, it will last a lifetime if you follow the instructions and take care of the product. Unlike other clothes, leather jacket becomes more comfortable upon using.