Denim vs Leather Jackets

Posted by Noor on 4th Mar 2020

Denim vs Leather Jackets

it's cold outside. I need a jacket. I got to decide. Should I go with the  leather jacket or should I go with the Jean jacket? There could be many factors to determin if one is supeiror than the other but we have chosen 7 key factors that will help you understand if the Jean jacket better or the leather jacket? 

1- Versatility

Denim jacket


Versatility is the denim jackets middle name. So, this is going to match anything in your wardrobe. You've got light colored chinos, dark colored Cheetos, red chinos. This is going to look great. You've got dressed, lacks. Well. Guess what? You can wear this into the office. Bring in the cool casual vibe. It's going to work. Now you've got jeans. Any colored jeans are going to work with a denim jacket. Jean going to work with Jean. Now you've got matching here. Understand that you got yourself a Canadian tuxedo. Now let's talk about layering. So, you could, have you seen the latest street wear out there? You can wear this with a suit nowadays. Just wear it right under that jacket. Fits in their nice. Next up. Let's look at, you could throw another jacket on this. This is going to give you good weave aware type fitted clothing underneath.


Man wearing black leather jacket

The leather been around for a long time. This simply works with casual clothing, with formal clothing, possibly pull this off with a tuxedo. Okay. Maybe that's pushing it, but I could wear a nice collared shirt with a nice pair of slacks. Throw a leather jacket on top. You get that casual, cool vibe going there when it comes to layering, going to be a little bit tougher. I admit you're not going to be able to throw a jacket over this. Maybe you can wear one shirt, maybe one act two shirts underneath it if they fit close. But I'll tell you guys when it comes to just simply what's going to work in your wardrobe, who doesn't want to throw a Bomber style leather jacket on? Pretty much any outfit they've got.

2- Durability


Denim comes from working where they used to make tents out of this material. Then they decided, Hey, let's recycle the tents. Let's use them on jeans, let's use them on bibs, let's use them on jackets. This stuff right here is made to be rubbed against. I can tell you this is durable. This is tough made from cotton you don't think we have to worry about is mildew, so don't get it wet and don't leave it wet in a basically warm environment for a few weeks at a time because as long as you don't do that, this should be pretty darn good to go. Durability is this even a question and I know the denim jacket guy is going to talk about, Oh, I come from tent material. I'm tough.


My history is it was used as Armor, it was deflecting sword blows and when you look at the material here in leather, you see all of these, basically the fibers overlapped. So, I've got this flexibility with the toughness and let's look at are  bikers wearing when you're riding a motorcycle and you want to protect yourself from road rash, what do you want to be wearing? A denim jacket or a leather jacket? Guys, there is no question here. Everyone is choosing leather jacket. Why? Because it works because it's durable because it's tough

3- Price


The denim jacket is made from cotton, one of the most easily accessible fabrics on this planet. Totally renewable, very easy to get. Guys, I'm telling you that is going to keep this price down and why this jacket is such a steel is also a wide range of companies that are making this jacket. So yes, you can go with a higher end premium brand. They may cost you a few hundred dollars, but you can still go with classic brands. They're going to bring you a great Jean jacket. If you find it on sale for easily less than a hundred dollars.


When it comes to  price for a leather jackets who cares about price? This is going to be something that's going to be around forever. But buy the best that you can afford. And then you've got a jacket which is going to get compliments for the rest of your life. You will want to get buried in this jacket. What is that worth guys? At the end of the day, buy the best that you can afford. Make sure it fits. It looks great on you, but don't be afraid to spend extra for a good leather jacket.

4- Sex appeal


a couple wearing denim jackets

Coolness factor belongs with the denim jacket. Just look at this jacket. Beautiful. Look at the way this thing's laid out. Very casual, very much a classic design. Women love denim because they wear it. Men love denim because they wear it. This has got to be one of the most popular fabrics on the planet. So when it comes to coolest, when it comes to sex appeal, denim is where it's at.


couple wearing leather jackets

Coolness factor, sex appeal, guys, this is an easy decision. The leather jacket is where it's at. Look at this motorbike jacket. It builds up my shoulders, trims up my waistline, makes me look more masculine. I personally have walked into bars. I've had women approach me simply because I'm wearing this jacket and look great. I mean, what more evidence do you need? But let's go to a 2001 study at the university of Liverpool. They looked at all these various fabrics and they attributed masculinity and strength. Number one, the number one fabric was leather. Why? We've got a history with it. This goes back thousands of years. We have been conditioned to see leather as the strongest, as the most masculine of all the fabrics out there.

5- Maintenance


Good things need to be taken care of. And the same thing with your leather jacket. If you're going to be in the desert, you're going to be in a place where it's wet, like Seattle. You want to make sure to condition and take care of the leather. So you want to get a nice cream, maybe a conditioner once a season, put it on there. If you're going to be in an extremely dry place, maybe twice a season, if you're going to be an extremely wet place, make sure not to put your leather jacket next to anything really hot, let it dry naturally, and then make sure to put a bulb or a lotion right on it. And that's going to be a do a great job of reintroducing basically moisture into the leather maintenance guys, this is going to be an easy win.


So when it comes to denim jacket, it's made from cotton, just like the jeans. You can simply throw it into the washing machine, but I can tell you that you don't have to wash this very often because it's like many of the jackets that you wear, you simply not rubbing this up against the ground. You're not touching anything with it. So, it's going to be able to go through multiple seasons without getting washed, but guys, I can tell you the maintenance on this thing. Incredibly simple.

6- Protection


When it comes to  protection, Leather is dense, it's flexible. It's going to be great. It's water resistant, it's going to be wind resistant and this is something that you put in a little bit of layer insulation in here. It's going to keep you warm during the winter, so no contest leather is where it's at. 

Jean jacket

As you can see the differences, the sharper Jean jacket is going to have a nice soft inner lining and this right here is going to insulate you, keep you warm, and allow you to use this still in a work wear environment, that's where it really shines. It's going to be insulated and keep you warm. You want to look at a Denim jacket. The only downfall of the short projection is going to be water resistance

7- Tailoring and Adjusting

I can tell you that the Jean jacket is easy to adjust to get tailored. Now you want to find one that fits you right off the rack preferably and if there's a little bit of excess material in there, you possibly could let it out, but really the Jean jacket shines when you need to bring it in. You want to basically tighten up those sleeves. Just simply take it to a skill seamstress or tailor anywhere and they can slightly bring these in the mid-section. You want to make it a little bit shorter? It can be. It would be a little bit of work that they make it happen because what it comes down to it, this is just like a pair of jeans.

You want to make sure pay attention to proportions, the pocket placement, the button placement, but you can adjust a Jean jacket tailoring and adjustments. At the end of the day, you simply buy a jacket that fits you perfectly. You go out there and you look, but you don't compromise here because, yeah, anything good like leather that you're going to be working with, you have to have a skilled artisan, a skilled tailor, a seamstress who knows how to work with leather to make any adjustments. So yeah, it's hard to adjust. I admit this, but I can tell you this is an unfair fight because when you look at this that you just come on, this is the true winner right here. I'm going to call it, we're going to definitely get a rematch. The winter buy decision is going to be the denim Jack.


Whether Denim or Leather, at the end of the day it’s your personal preference and style that suites you the most. In my opinion both jackets have killing styles and dashing looks. I want to hear from you guys down the comments. What do you prefer? The leather jacket, the denim jacket

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