Top 15 All-Time Favorite Hollywood Celebrities Leather Jackets

2nd Oct 2020

Top 15 All-Time Favorite Hollywood Celebrities Leather Jackets

Perhaps, you cannot remember the number of times you have seen movie stars in leather jackets. Did you know that movie stars wear leather jackets for a reason? Possibly, because these jackets are attractive and they give a tough-guy appeal.

Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo Dicaprio Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Gosling the list goes on and on, are a few of so many of the Hollywood celebrities who wore leather jackets in many movies to show their taste for fashion. Those celebrity jcakets later created sesation in the fasion industry and become famous movie jackets every one wanted to own.

Due to the influence of Hollywood movies, many people have a bomber and bike jackets in their wardrobes. If you envy Hollywood celebrities and you would want to add a perfect leather jacket to your wardrobe, here is the list of jackets to try. The list consists of the top 15 all-time favourite Hollywood celebrity leather jackets.

1. Fight Club Brad Pitt's Retro Red Leather Jacket

The form and content of the year 1999 Fight Club movie merge comfortably. The comedy has many startling and provocative ideas. You will find nearly everything in this movie funny. Nevertheless, Tyler's Red Leather Jacket might not be funny but will grab your attention.

The jacket made of beautiful red leather captures the character of Tyler and the jumpy feel of this film. Apart from its blood-red colour, the oversized jacket features peaked lapels. It will definitely remind you of the late 1990s.

Besides, it is stylish and playful. Its dark rebellious edge made it a good choice for the bold characters.

2. X-Men Origins Wolverine's Leather Jacket

X-Men Origins, released in the year 2009, details the childhood of Wolverine. It further details his time with Team X and his skeleton bonding with the adamantium metal. You might have read the same stories in the X-Men Origins comic books.

In the Hollywood movie, Wolverine takes many unique looks. However, the brown Wolverine jacket he wore makes a memorable look. The civilian clothing choice, unkempt appearance, and the mutton chops reflect Wolverine's rugged fundamental feel. This brown jacket boasts brown tiger stripes, which contribute to the animalistic feel and look of the character.

3. If I Could Turn Back Time Cher's Leather Jacket

The Cher's Jacket is different from many other leather jackets in this list. First, it comes as a combined fishnet and leather jacket. Secondly, it appeared in a music video released in the year 1989 for the first time made it a famous leather jacket.

MTV banned the controversial music video but later decided to show it after 9 PM. Cher chose a black biker jacket for various reasons. Further, the jacket featured a leather belt to its front along with zipping detailing. The primary goal for choosing this jacket was to command attention.

Today, it is among the leather jackets you can use to turn heads.

4. Grease Sandra Dee's Black Leather Jacket

The Grease, 1978 movie is a must-watch for all fashion-conscious people. The movie tells the story of a greaser who has a sweet romance with an Australian girl, named Sandy. The 1970s movie offers musicals of old age, malt shops, hot rods, and school dances.

You will enjoy most of the performances too. However, you have to wait until the end to see Sandra Dee's Black Leather Jacket. The designer came up with this jacket to prove the rebellious attitude of Sandra. With this jacket, Sandra manages to reveal a cool, hipper, and edgy appearance.

The traditional leather jacket features eye-catching red lining and a cropped style to provide a seductive edge.

5. The Terminator Anold Schwarzenegger's Leather Jacket

The Terminator is among the highest selling all-time movies. You do not have to watch the whole movie to spot a beautiful fashion piece. At the start of this movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in a black leather jacket.

Perhaps, the designers chose this jacket because it is synonymous with Schwarzenegger's cool attitude. To complete his badass appearance, Schwarzenegger wore black sunglasses too. This zip-up black leather jacket has remained a favourite of many movie lovers.

6. Kill Bill Volume 2 Uma Thurman's Yellow Leather Jacket

Uma Thurman's Yellow Leather Jacket gained popularity due to its unique style. The fitted yellow bike leather jacket made a huge impression due to its bold and bright appearance. While the skintight jacket might not be a good choice for the faint-hearted, it is among the leather jackets you would want to wear throughout the day, regardless of the weather.

In Kill Bill Volume 2, "The Bride" is on a revenge mission against Bill, her former lover. She wore the yellow leather jacket zipped throughout for a more streamlined effect. The athletic detailing gave the jacket a more threatening appearance.

7. Top Gun Maverick's Military Leather Jacket

The popularity of military-style leather jackets has been growing rapidly. You might agree with us that the Maverick's Military Leather Jacket is the most iconic all-time military leather jacket. The jacket features a large pitch reading "Far East Cruise 63-4, USS Galveston." It commemorates the tour of US real-life battleships to Taiwan, Japan, and the Western Pacific.

It is fitting and it displayed the Taiwanese, Japanese, UN, and US flags. For that reason, it became an important fashion piece in the 1980s and it still makes an impression today. This jacket has many patches, badges, and a shearing collar. It helped Maverick and the Top Gun movie stand as icons.

8. Raiders of the Lost Ark Indian Jones' Leather Jacket

“Raiders of The Lost Ark” is another all-time super hit movie. The Hollywood movie is based on an Adventurous story and it was released in the year 1981. After release, the movie helped set many new trends in the fashion industry. One of the unique fashion pieces it helped introduce to the industry was the Raiders of The Lost Ark Indiana Jones Leather Jacket. The leather jacket gave Harrison Ford a stunning rough and ready appearance. Critics claim that the leather jacket was s a bad choice but it has stood as a memorable fashion piece of the 1980s.

9. Thriller Music Video Michael Jackson's Leather Jacket

Released in the year 1983, Michael Jackson's "Thriller" has remained a popular music video. In this horror music video, Michael Jackson wears a bright red leather jacket, named Michael Jacksons Thriller Leather Jacket. Apart from its red colour, the jacket featured zipper detail along with a black strip.

It further featured an 'M' logo and winged shoulders. It helped Michael Jackson develop one of his memorable looks. Recently, this MJ's jacket was sold at an auction for $1.8 million. You can get something similar today.

10. Mission Impossible Tom Cruise Leather Blazer

Hollywood industry has many versatile stars and actors. Most of the stars are considered the ideals of attractiveness. Tom Cruise never misses in the list of admired Hollywood stars. Many people love him for the style statements that he has set and others for his looks.

The Mission Impossible Tom Cruise Leather Blazer is among the iconic leather jackets that should hit your mind each time someone mentions his name. This jacket is comforting, easy to wear, and ideal for people of all ages. Tom Cruise has starred in many blockbuster movies.

11. HBO Series "Heroes" Hayden Panettiere Leather Jacket

Hayden Panettiere took the role of Claire in the widely watched HBO Series "Heroes.” The series debuted on 25 September 2006 and influenced millions of people in the United States. Hayden Panettiere might be the most loved Hollywood actor and that is for a reason.

The actor always carries herself in full grace. Moreover, she has a huge collection of classy leather jackets. The HBO Series "Heroes" Hayden Panettiere Leather Jacket is the most recent in her collection. The designer of this jacket gave attention to each detail when crafting it to come up with amazing apparel.

12. Monster's Ball Halle Berry Leather Jacket

Halle Berry is widely known for her many ravishing attires. The versatile actor won the best actress Academy Award for the role she played in the year 2002 Monster's Ball Movie. That is not all. Her Leather Jacket, which she also wore in other movies, became a popular fashion piece.

This jacket might be one of the reasons her fans have been increasing each day. She also wears it in real life. Most women also chose the jacket because it allows attire selection easy.

13. The Bourne Legacy Jeremy Renner's Leather Jacket

If you watched the year 2012 The Bourne Legacy series, one of the things that might have caught your attention is Jeremy Renner's jacket. In fact, most fans of this series had to buy a similar jacket, especially the bike guys and those who wanted to woo girls. The Bourne Legacy Jeremy Renner's Leather Jacket has remained an iconic fashion piece. You might need to buy one too.

14. Animal House Bluto Blutarsky's Leather Jacket

The Animal House Bluto Blustarsys Leather Jacket is among the fashion pieces that people have continued to wear. This fashion piece, which appeared for the first time in the Animal House, 1978, the movie will stand out on almost every occasion. The leather jacket gave Bluto Blustarky a differentiated look in the movie. After buying it, you will never limit yourself to iconic sweatshirts again.

15. The Spice Girls Victoria Beckham's Leather Jacket

Today, Victoria Beckham is mostly seen in her trademark skyscraper heels and trouser suits. However, her dressing was different when she was part of the Spice Girls. Apart from her corset tops and mini dresses, Victoria Beckham has a huge collection of leather jackets.

The Spice Girls Victoria Beckham's Leather Jacket is one of the best slim fit leather jackets in her collection. It boasts a lapel collar for a rockstar vibe.

Wrap Up

For those who own a motorbike, leather jackets are among the must-haves. The jackets are designed to protect you from injuries if you fall from the bike. Debris on the road might damage the jacket but they will not reach your skin.

Furthermore, the jackets will protect you from snowfall and rain. If you rarely ride a bike, you can get one to fit every occasion. The above list will give you a good starting point during your selection.

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